With the increasing popularity of Greek yogurt recurs asks ” and Greek yogurt is a good choice ? ” . The answer is simple but lacks explanation : depends on the Greek yogurt .

So what is a Greek yogurt ?

The Greek yogurt is basically a more concentrated than normal yogurt. In its production it is used four times more milk , and through the filtration process is removed practically all his serum.

Result: lower lactose content , higher protein content and of course , its famous creamy texture. It turns out that the increase of raw material needed , and the production process itself , the cost for the food industry is much higher . What was the solution to reduce costs? It is easy to add cream, thickeners , corn starch , milk proteins , which mimic the texture of a Greek yogurt , but not nutritionally equal . These yogurts should be called ” Greek yogurt type ” , which does not always happen , since there is no regulation that so obliging .

So what is the best way to know if you are eating an original Greek yogurt ? It’s simple, just look on the label their ingredients. If you want to eat a Greek yogurt and benefit from its nutritional benefits so look for yogurt consists only milk and lactic bacteria , and that’s it !